#026: The Power Hour Year in Review

One year of shows. It was our initial Big Hairy Audacious Goal, and we did it. We hoped you had as much fun this year listening as we did recording, and we’d like to take a chance to reflect. Did we hit our initial KPIs (because of course we had them)? Did we have a favorite show? Is there something we’d like to do next year? Tune in and end 2015 by listening to a podcast about a podcast. We think our navels look awesome. Come gaze with us!


Episode Transcript

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[00:00:25] Hi everyone. Welcome to the digital analytics power hour.

[00:00:29] This is Episode 26 6 26. It’s a special show. It’s been one year and we’ve had a lot of fun. Some of you are even still listening and it’s all working out so well. You know this show is a bit indulgent so bear with us. It’s Our Year in Review and also it’s the show where we reveal.

[00:00:53] Drum roll please. Our top show of the year you can bet your back.

[00:01:02] That’s right. As voted by our listeners but not really voted just by how many downloaded but not really. Of course this show couldn’t happen without my two veteran. Well at least now veteran cohosts he’s the CEO of Babbage systems a napkin.

[00:01:17] He’s in Ottawa Canada. Jim Kane sorry I wasn’t listening.

[00:01:26] And of course senior partner at web analytics demystified. Hailing from Columbus Ohio it’s Tim Wilson so not letting you actually finish the statement without me jumping in. There you go. And of course I am Michael hobbling the analytics practice lead at search discovery. Hailing from the state of Georgia. Gentlemen welcome. It’s a pleasure. I can’t believe we’ve been at this for a year. What have we wrought.

[00:01:55] I’ve had a fantastic time. I mean we kicked around we might talk about our K.P. eyes but I’ve found myself multiple times throughout the year saying I really enjoy every couple of weeks hopping on and you know chatting with you guys as well as chatting with various guests. I guess I feel like we’re a little bit of the the impostures with a press pass to get to call up and ask people for interviews. But it’s it’s been a hoot to hop on for you know get a good solid hour on a topic with some of the people that we’ve had. I mean Jim sucks but he doesn’t count as a guest. He’s technically a host.

[00:02:35] I’m like Kato Kaelin. I was supposed to be a guest and then I just moved in and I’m here.

[00:02:40] That’s your facial hair. Kato Caitlyn actually ever tried to grow a beard. I think he might have what you have going on.

[00:02:47] It’s a statement it’s not a beard.

[00:02:50] Hey no shave November happened and now you. You can do what you want with that. Yeah it’s interesting. This whole thing kind of popped up because the three of us would hang out and talk and drink whenever we saw each other and instead of doing what we thought was a really hard job of you know blogging our ideas we decided to go down this podcast Road which turns out to have been a really hard job.

[00:03:22] By the output on my on on the blog front. For me personally that yeah.

[00:03:28] Yeah I mean it’s probably worth talking about some of how the show got created how we put it together and how we know some of the some of the Little Nicky Nancie inner details you know I’m sure all the millennials listening will really appreciate that.

[00:03:47] That would definitely kill our listenership. Various podcasts that I listen to wind up at some point sort of telling their origin story you know the fact is it was Jim and me having a argument via email or chat about dashboards and we decided that we could do that in an entertaining way and we should have a moderated tit for tat blog post thing because we don’t our definition of fun is clearly not in the mainstream and we needed a moderator for it and we said oh Michael help things like the second or third. Nicest guy in digital analytics behind John Lovett Gary Angell who are duking it out for first first place and there.

[00:04:33] Oh my gosh. Point to be mentioned in the same breath as those two guys.

[00:04:37] It’s a dream come true.

[00:04:39] And somehow instead of instead of a blog post thing we said why don’t we try podcasts and put Hellblazer as the Wrangler of cats and see what happens. That will be easier and faster than a than blogging. And boy were we wrong on that.

[00:05:00] Yeah I thought that we were planning on creating a mock Lodwar where one of us to blog about something nonsensical and the other person would have an opposite equally nonsensical position just so we could start shit talking each other and try rather Twitter.

[00:05:14] There you go. Giving away our 2016 plans.

[00:05:18] No really funny controversy gets you an audience.

[00:05:23] That’s why Tim Wilson I think you’re a jerk.

[00:05:28] I never loved you.

[00:05:30] And all of your measurement and analytics ideas are the worst.

[00:05:35] Well but as we as we get into it we did settle on this lobby bar concept and the fact that that has stayed kind of core and true. We’re going to have to get Jim Stern on at some point since I feel like he’s the one who touts the lobby bar as you know actively and when we refer to metrics is where probably the Wabi bar.

[00:05:58] We’ve all three been at the most often and haling all the way from Santa Barbara California. Ladies and gentlemen.

[00:06:09] It’s Jim Stern.

[00:06:12] Hey guys thanks for letting me sit at your table here in the lobby bar. I think this is just a great metaphor for the relaxed casual but geeky conversation that happens at the metrics when all the other events were about the party in the rock and roll and going out and whooping it up. I was always more interested in the intellectual stimulation the conversation and then Renee and Orley came along with chocolate and Tim came along with his special brand of humor and Mr. Cain with his sarcasm and Michael with his insights about Glenlivet. I made sure it became an institution and now you guys made it virtual. Nice job. And as is only proper the next round’s on me.

[00:06:59] Thank you Jim. What a treat for our listeners and back to our regularly scheduled show.

[00:07:06] So what’s awesome is that we have the beauty of editing because you know that clip you just heard actually kind of was an idea that came up on the spur of the moment blissfully. Jim obliged us with a clip but I do think something that I feel like sets us a little bit apart from some other podcasts not necessarily analytics podcasts is the level of editing that we do which we all feel like it’s because it makes us not look like bumbling jackasses. By being able to get stuff out but we do edit this I don’t know. You get it should we do kind of a before and after. Like I’ve got a clip teed up that we can do. This is what it sounded like when Tim Wilson cannot form a thought. And everybody has to listen to. The synapses firing in his brain. The before and after Tim has labored over that for a while.

[00:08:03] What it sounds like after what it sounds like after while we all have our own little verbal miscues. The Zen the eyes and the lakes and the thunder and stuff like that which makes editing really exciting and fun. But you know we always do it because it makes us sound smarter and you know hopefully that creates a better product for you the listener. Agency.

[00:08:34] And we’re going to get a developer who’s kind of interested and we’re going to have an analyst kind to dip their toe in. Have you seen in my experience that tends to be like over underestimating the complexity and level of work to do testing and that tends to to not work but you kind of were we were talking about what causes testing programs getting them off the ground a tester fail and you were talking about the testing team versus the analytics team. So do you see that as kind of a.

[00:09:07] Typically you have to say look this is a a separate group that needs to be established yes. I mean how many times do we see. So that was the before and here’s the after.

[00:09:30] Our creative team or our agency and we’re going to get a developer who’s kind of interested and we’re going to have an analyst come to dip their toe in. So do you see that as kind of a typical you have to say look this is a a separate group that needs to be established.

[00:09:45] Yes. I mean how many times do you think we’re going to be.

[00:09:52] What are we doing. I mean I think that’s I think we have. We’ve talked about the year in review. I feel like we’ve we’ve done a fantastic job of guests. The topics we’ve selected I think we were all a little nervous of would we be able to come up with. I mean 26 episodes 26 topics. I feel like we’ve bandied some about we’ve disagreed. I think all three of us have have taken a strong stand that are particular topics going to be terrible and those I think are probably the three best shows we had are the ones that one of the three of us said that’s a terrible idea.

[00:10:32] Well yeah I mean it is interesting you know when you mention you know the guests we’ve been able to have on the show certainly carried us through the year. I mean starting with you know Heaton’s Shaw formerly of KISS metrics and when a great guy very generous at this time and then you know all the way through. I mean we’ve had couple people here call people they’re kind of from all walks and it’s been really nice. It’s been really nice to get people in like when we had Ben gains come in and talk about sports analytics.

[00:11:04] I think that was a lot of fun just cracked me up because we thought it was going to be this total whimsical Sports Analytics and wound up like bridging back to parallels to digital analytics more than I think we expected. But probably not a real shock given how that is a passion. You know those are dual passions of Bend’s and I think all of us kind of have kind of interest there.

[00:11:31] And then there are of course who can forget the episode about our was one of those ones Tim where I don’t think all of us were convinced that was going to be a great show but it turned out. I mean Eric Goldsmith who was our guest did such a great job and it turned out to be just a really outstanding episode. And so that was that was pretty great.

[00:11:53] Glenn I’d say there are ones where we’ve had only one of us has known the person. I mean the last episode with with Kelly were them from NY who I’d never met. I don’t think Jemmett ever met and I didn’t want that conversation to to end. So there’s something about the format that is somewhat quickly just slipped right into the main lobby bar I’ve had a couple of drinks and I’m going to tell you what I think. And that was probably the episode if we had the technology to do it easily. I think actually shut the hell up the most during that last episode.

[00:12:28] Yeah I know that was an outstanding one. What about you Jim. Many notable memories.

[00:12:34] I’m just mean about the podcast specifically. We’re not talking about you know the the time I was on a beach in Thailand.

[00:12:43] I don’t you guys have larger communities of Piers I think closer to home. Like there’s web analytics groups in Atlanta and in Columbus you guys can join this is kind of it for me right. So when I sit in on one of the podcast I’m always in a position where I can actually hear peers talk through best practices. You know I’m enjoying listening as and as much talking for anything. The ones that I like the most are probably selfishly the ones that I know the most about. You know there have been a couple surprises this year. I thought our was going to sock the one we did on our and I think we got a really engaging guest and it kind of meets my criteria for something I’ll listen to that I’ll listen to again because I went into the office the next day with two new ideas. So you know I think my favorite podcast of the year were ones where when we’re down recording I think Oh shit that’s really smart I’m going to try that or I’m going to do some more homework on that. I would I would guess right. Hope that the ones that people like that the listeners are listening to her once they know that she has a good idea I’m going to write that down while I’m driving on my way to work and I’m always dangerous fashion possible.

[00:13:50] Yeah right now that’s great. And you’re right. It’s not every show was ones that we have complete agreement on beforehand but somehow some way and probably on the strength of just the some of the amazing folks that we got to participate with us this year giving us that for you to mark the topic compiling our intro says the occasional guest and I think if we look back a bow.

[00:14:16] We’ve got the records but I think it’s been a while since we’ve had just the three of us.

[00:14:21] I think the last episode where it was just the three of us was maybe episode 20 can date data curtail culture and creativity a corporate conundrum. Oh god that episode sucked. Oh I don’t know. I don’t know that it was our best ever episode but I think that was the last one was just Ondra new. Is that because you have the google doc open. No. I’m looking at the listing on our site on our site and then remembering from memory whether or not there was our guests or not I don’t think we had a guest for analytics advice for the recent grad that was Episode 18. If you’re a recent grad and you want to be a never mind we’re not going to put you on the show. Sorry we’ve got standards.

[00:15:07] I think that was one thing. Some of the feedback we got was if you look at the people we’ve gotten it does skewed towards consultants. I mean Eric Goldsmith is at Ted.

[00:15:20] We had a little bit of David McBrides at Intel but we generally I think skewed a little more towards the consultants and agencies and that’s just kind of the the nature of who can kind of come on and talk the most freely about what they’re you know what their topic is.

[00:15:40] But that was kind of an interesting sort of find when we said oh we’ll get good guests but this is the part of the show where we call out certain people who we want to come on and kind of shame them into coming on because I’m ready go for it.

[00:15:55] Yes absolutely. I was surely guessing you know who you are.

[00:16:01] Dylan Lewis I’m still still a little disappointed that we had the Tyas but Tayag instead of Angela Merkel.

[00:16:09] But well you know so it goes. She’s been a little busy. She’s got some refugees to a crisis happening. So let’s talk measurement because no podcast in analytics or digital analytics would be complete without at least some semblance or attempt at measurement. Tim you put together a really great blog post at the beginning of the year. It may have been the last blog for.

[00:16:40] Either way that’s fine.

[00:16:43] Same Same with me. But yeah like you put to cobble together some some key performance indicators. You know some low hanging fruit if you will.

[00:16:52] Some key K.P. guys and APM machine.

[00:16:56] Yes exactly. And so you know because as we started the year we were trying to figure out you know well how do we know for here for just a raging success. Because you know this may surprise a lot of our listeners but we don’t actually get paid for doing this. At least not yet. I’m not paying you stop that argument. I’m not sending you a check. God damn all the liquor you can drink. Well

[00:17:26] it sort of struck me it didn’t strike me until we were preparing for this show. How rare it is that we are actually as analysts we actually are the key stakeholders. We are the business the business users and I’ll take a little sense of pride that I ate my own dog food a little bit and said we will put a stake in the ground and we will define what success looks like and dealt with. I think the challenge is that we’re coaching marketers on all the time that there’s a crap ton of data but it’s wildly imperfect and we don’t have a target. We don’t have great benchmarks and we need to put a stake in the ground anyway. And yet to be honest I was writing a blog post and said Oh shit I need to put a few steaks in the ground and I sent it out to you guys and said yes know read this post before it goes live. I kind of establish some K.P. eyes and what do you think. And got a I believe to quote directly from slack. Yeah that is pretty legit measurement of a measurement podcast. Not too shabby. You know what my marketing clients got that from their executives and they could they could look back a year later and said This is the stake we put in the ground and you agreed to it and now we can hold ourselves up against that because we published what you know what we said we would do. So I feel like we did okay by that. On that front.

[00:19:08] Yeah I agree. And to your point being the you know being the business this time and setting our goals and setting targets is good. It’s good to sit on the other side a little bit and try to think of that.

[00:19:24] So we run through what they were not necessarily and specifics and say you know hit or miss on what are what are for K.P. eyes are the ones that I threw out for. So we said not a great measure just an output measure. But publishing a podcast every two weeks throughout 2015. Assuming that this goes live on schedule we will have nailed that one and I think I’m qualified that saying that’s not a business outcome. There’s not revenue at the end of the day. But going into it we had some assumptions about what it would take to do that. And our assumptions were that as wrong about the level of effort that would take yet we did it anyway. So I think we get we get a gold star on that one. We had garnering at least 300 downloads per episode and elsewhere in the post and we could talk about it here downloads is a shitty measure but RSS is kind of a shitty medium and that’s what podcasts run through. We totally hit that like world not going to maybe say specific about what we get but we we crush the 300 downloads per episode.

[00:20:32] Jim Kane can neither confirm nor deny that we have over 2 million downloads.

[00:20:39] I can add that one point nine nine nine million of them are from my mother and the Internet was broken based on downloads of this podcast.

[00:20:49] We so that was the Rosie. Then we get to where would they be. We said an increasing trend in the number of downloads per episode and I think it’s fair to say that we did not nail the solidly increasing trend. We’ve been probably a little closer to flat it’s kind of noisy it bounces around but we’ve had discussions over the last couple of months that we’ve haven’t really sort of hit our natural market I think and then have not done a fantastic job. Actually if we look at other podcasts that have launched this year similarly in this space the present beyond measure passed by a Piqua where there is aggressive promotion and I think aggressive promotion is not something that any of the three of us do naturally.

[00:21:37] I think we you know at the beginning of the year it was this was something of a lark for for me anyways. And so it wasn’t I wasn’t sure where it fit in. Right. So should I talk about it. I think Tim you did the best job of all of us sort of being like yeah this is my podcast and you should listen to it. And I was like. All right Tim is Tim saying it. I’ll say it too. And so they’re trying to be more.

[00:22:02] It was like every every time I spoke this year although I think I also hedged it with enough of sufficient impostor syndrome that I would assure people that if they were looking to if they’d only listened to Serial and thought this was going to be like cereal this was maybe not the best second podcast to go and so I sort of hedged by saying this should not be your gateway to podcast because I am such a huge fan of podcasts that’s becoming lobby bar topics for me is What podcasts do you listen to and I’ve got a whole system in stitcher where I track things down and Tom has gotten me turned on to some some new ones from sitting in a lobby bar Adye metrics but I think there was a level of US thinking Hey if this takes off it will spread organically but I also think the nature of podcasts is that you know we’re not in a space big enough for it to hit critical mass and then explode. I think there is some level of just letting people know what’s there and what the topics are. You know we we record one Facebook post and one tweet for most podcasts. We’ve even missed you every two weeks.

[00:23:17] You know. And it is interesting. I think all of us have had this experience at some point this year where someone we know or someone we barely know or sometimes someone we don’t even know comes up and says hey listen to your podcast will you give me a job that only help to you. Well. Because in every episode. Well you know actually folks like your search and search discover a dot com search discovery. So yeah I mean it’s such a great place to work. I’m loving every minute of it anyway. No but people will say hey I’m listening to your pocket. It’s a it’s sort of a humbling is like oh whoops oh that makes you want to work a little harder. And you know and then it feels good to it’s exciting and I’m excited that people find there’s something to listen to there. So you know that’s been a lot of fun I think just being ourselves is kind of our secret recipe.

[00:24:18] Yeah. I’m surprised at the number of people that I’ve spoken to who aren’t analysts but in digital that I have listened to this show at least once. Like I was at shop dot org a couple of months ago and it’s a purely retail show. I mean there’s a couple analysts there but it’s certainly not the point. And I had several people I mean some of them knew me already. All right I had worked with me so they checked out the podcast. Several people as well that I was chatting I said oh you know someone mention it or whatever. And I was frankly surprised to see that the reach that it has outside of that kind of core measurement community also were definitely the hottest Analytics Blog in South Korea based on Facebook that we are absolutely killing in South Korea.

[00:25:01] Yeah I think you saw.

[00:25:03] Yes I know.

[00:25:05] I say you know I think that means hello in Korean or you just killed our chances of being a hot podcast in South Korea. By insulting all of their mothers. I looked it up on YouTube before.

[00:25:21] The young Hussie oh so that our fourth KPI was to have a quality episode about podcasting by the end of 2015.

[00:25:30] So I think the jury’s still out on that one. Let us know what our Facebook page or on the measure slack or on iTunes as to whether or not this was any interest whatsoever.

[00:25:42] Well and actually I’m glad you mentioned the measure slack because that has actually been a place where we’ve gotten great feedback from people and actually some commercials this year came from comments in measure slack. Specifically I want to say this show about building an analytics team was something that of course I only know and aspect to pride. Tim Munsell or Tim Tim oneself. Thank you so much. Yeah we’ll edit out the part where I forgot his name. Oh the hell we will. No but I’m slack you know how it turned out that was just a great way to do that and I remember we did a show and somebody it might have been Tom Miller it was just like Michael you were completely wrong about this and I was like oh god I’m going to fight you and then I was like I actually is pretty right. And so that was good.

[00:26:32] It’s really great to be able to engage in conversation about that and I’d like to measure what percentage of people who signed up for the measure slack came from the podcast because we pushed it pretty hard this year.

[00:26:44] Well I do like to measure the revenue of the by the Revenue value of the tweet and that will be equally unlikely.

[00:26:52] What is the value of each Facebook like. Actually as we dug into our Facebook metrics I noticed that some people liked our page and I I’m having a hard time not taking that personal growth factor.

[00:27:08] Somehow they saw a rare post and that was what triggered them to like the page. So yeah I was like Do these correlate with every other Tuesday you don’t like them. That’s it.

[00:27:21] I’ve done the one post that Facebook says we’re not paying for it is certainly not putting in their feed. So how the hell is that happening.

[00:27:28] Actually the one you tried to boost has way more organic impressions than any other post we’ve done this year.

[00:27:35] That was a comical.

[00:27:37] So we did find there’s a little little side discoveries there will be at some point a logo change because it turns out our admittedly I think we spent five hours because we spent five dollars to get our Facebook logo. And it is not compliant with Facebook’s promotional practices because it has too much text in it. So kind of using just like a lot of us have had Web sites or blogs where we can you know dick around with web analytics. This seemed like an opportunity to say hey we’ll throw five bucks ten bucks 20 bucks. You know promoting posts and see what happens because I don’t. While I am involved with social media analytics I don’t personally have deep knowledge of Facebook’s ever changing way to screw brands and take their money. So I thought hey we could try it we could try for this and it turns out we can’t although it’s even funny on that front the most the latest one the latest one that was getting decent organic reach in Facebook told me told us as administrators hey you could boost this. And so I think I put ten dollars in to boost it and it was like hey as soon as it gets approved will boost it. And apparently they start boosting before and then it got rejected. So that was kind of funny because I think a pay charge like 47 cents of my ten dollars before it got rejected. So it was like boosted but then it was. It was a take back. You know I think we got 17 or 19 paid impressions.

[00:29:10] And about 700 organic ones. So yeah it’s interesting anyway. What else Jim.

[00:29:20] What else is high level stuff. Anything. What do you feel what I.

[00:29:25] Everybody’s getting tired of Tim talking about oh not me not me.

[00:29:30] Not me. I don’t know.

[00:29:33] I agree with the three of us riffing and each other a little bit more. It’s fine because you know I think I don’t think we’re sensitive with our guests or anything. And we’ve still been pretty raw and real with them. But you know some of the more interesting tangents of the pie have taken place in the three of us can kind of say whatever we want. It’s a little bit harder to do that with a guest but with the caliber of guests we’ve had a few in particular we’re just more than willing to kind of come on a ride with us. A few I think I scared the crap out of them when we edited that out. That’s neither here nor there.

[00:30:05] Jim you are definitely the source of the the best outtakes by far but the one that didn’t even make the outtakes like those are extra special. You still have the Internet of Things podcast you still you still think your singing was not in the outtakes.

[00:30:22] So no I listened it was. I nailed it.

[00:30:25] I hit that high note now my kids are obsessed with that song now.

[00:30:30] Final countdown. If you listen to Kerry after the podcast and educational. Oh come on. It’s a great song.

[00:30:54] Well final countdown is getting a resurgence with the Geico Geico. I was going to say I didn’t know which which we’re not sponsored by Geico but you know hey give us a call.

[00:31:05] They don’t have Geico in Canada. One thing I wish that there had been more of. And I know it’s one of those things. Everybody’s got biases and preferences and stuff. I wouldn’t have minded more sessions on tools. I know that sounds like the opposite of the kind of thing that I would normally say but it’s an area of the civically tools for extracting data from Google Analytics into big query or into Microsoft Excel.

[00:31:29] Well I’m glad you asked.

[00:31:32] Nice segue now.

[00:31:35] Now the categories of tools that like like I mentioned earlier that are conversation that was awesome and it helped me understand that better. I’d love to talk more about visualization tools. I kind of liked the conversation was starting to go in the European conversation about like all these random web analytics tools I’ve never heard of that are big in Europe and stuff. I like the fact that the podcast tends to be best practice and kind of like Nasik but I think a lot of the practitioners out there are intermediate and going for power user. No point in throwing bias out there but the dashboard cloud dashboard tool of record that napkin uses I mean Healthlink told me about it at any metrics show that’s some great commentary Jim and I agree with you it’s.

[00:32:19] I think that it was funny we had our first actually I think it was the heat and I’ll say it we had that heating episode not knowing that he was kind of on his way out from Kiss metrics and there was one who actually probably the only sort of a troll ish type behavior we’ve had. I can remember where it was but somebody commented like oh they’re selling out. They’re just pitched people pitching their product which in the discussion. That was one where I thought I walked away with a different perspective about digital analytics kind of another lens with which to view it. I feel like I know I am a little paranoid or maybe overly sensitive to not wanting to turn into the podcast where you are bring on a guest and talk about their product. We’ve had people from you know absolutely from Tool providers generally not talking about their tools. You know Ben Gaines we joked about talking about you know when are we going to get a million Nevarez or whatever our joke was with Adobe and Chris this person Crystal we get we we joked a little bit about you know what that was going to be but I think from a Tool’s area and I think maybe that’s some of the challenge. You know voice the customer we haven’t really dug into that heat mapping haven’t really dug into that. I don’t know that getting a vendor on is the way to do that. The challenge is finding the people who can talk about the type of data in the landscape of tools that are out there tag management. Another one.

[00:33:59] But you know when we had the conversation about testing the other week we played in the places that were we’re comfortable with that we talk about a lot of people and process and hiring and skills. But I would love to have had her gone here’s five tools you’ve never heard of the let you test on a cheap or you know what I mean like there’s just there’s so many things out there. Good

[00:34:19] thing we’ve got another year from casting to do because I think these are really good ideas. Somebody take notes and write them down as we’re we’re editing. Well I mean that’s just it is. I think we it always feels like when we get to the end of a podcast we’ve just scratched the surface and we could just keep going or create a whole new topic around some of the things we’ve discussed and that has been pretty consistent. And like all great podcasts even this one must come to an end. But guys let’s go around the horn and look to the future. What’s a topic you hope that we cover in 2016. I want to talk to Kirk Cameron about the rapture.

[00:35:07] I think he’s a man who knows things and I want to know what those things are always the Canadians with you.

[00:35:13] Just because someone has he’s yours now it really because someone an actor doesn’t mean they’re smart about politics or religion or anything like that.

[00:35:24] Don’t fall into that trap.

[00:35:26] It’s not an idea. Don’t you dare give us. I’m proving it right now me. Born in Los Angeles. No. Yeah we know that off the top of your head. I just asked my friend Google and my computer. I know he says Panorama City Los Angeles California. Yeah you can. Now we got Bieber. You could.

[00:35:46] Cameron I I would love to cover because I kind of know who I want to get on and I kind of know what he’s trying to do. I would have loved to do an episode on on podcast measurement. I mean we touched on what our K.P. eyes were and we touched on the fact that it’s a shitty medium but I think there are some very large organizations out there that are trying to figure out figure that out. I would love to do an episode on that.

[00:36:16] OK you’re serious answer my serious one is stalker camera. If we can’t get him I would actually really like we’ve talked a lot this year about and in a way that was one of my surprises this year. Like our in defense of the hippo. But like one of the classic things you know analyst conversations turned to which is shitting on the senior stakeholders were vehemently the opposite of that without really planning it which I thought was interesting. I would love next year to get like a fortune 1000 level CIO or CMO or even CTO. But one of the senior stakeholders who influences and owns measurement for a big company and just just have them come on and say here’s a measurement is to me to be really interesting to see that other side of the coin.

[00:36:57] That’s good. I mean the CMO nationwide insurance was kind of a keynote kind of conversational keynote and accelerate in Columbus and that was a very illuminating. Just like when we walked through the CMO survey you know getting the perspective of somewhat the top dog who were serving not generally directly but you know through the people who work for them does seem like they tend to have a perspective that sometimes the people who work for them and sometimes the analysts don’t actually realize their perspective.

[00:37:36] Yeah somebody paying Tom Betts at the Financial Times tell them we want him on that he would be really good one maybe for multiple things. Yeah I think in 2016 I’d love to see us get back to topics. We can disagree about more wholeheartedly. You know you think back to our earlier some of our earliest episodes around dashboard creation not so much that we disagreed about what to do with them but sort of some of the things you know we definitely made each other think through some stuff and I really enjoyed that. So be fun to see if we can we can find a few topics like that where we all can tour teared up and you know call each other ignorant sluts. There’s a Canadian reference right there you go anyway. Well now you’ll take that one. I think from this guy it’s certainly been delightful to be on a podcast with you guys and our guests every week. That’s right. It’s this time of year it’s looking back and looking forward. What I do. And you know I just I couldn’t think of a better way to spend every other Tuesday. And some of the time in too. So hey if you are out there listening oh wait we forgot our Tobbe show of the year.

[00:39:10] Drum roll please. More.

[00:39:14] This is actually based on a terrible metric which is most total downloads.

[00:39:21] So quick quick clarification. Who doesn’t understand that because I’ve had clients who can’t quite wrap their heads around it. Podcasts are based RSS. No matter what you’re using so that data is coming down and you have your app be it stitcher be it the iTunes and you if you have subscribed to something it pulls it down. There is no way to know how many people listen much rest or how are they are they listen. How are they listen. So it is it is a kind of like hits of old it is a shitty shitty shitty metric. It is an indication and when you look at what why I’m blanking on what the tool was that would sort of try to derive like. If you look at how many downloads you get on the day that you publish there’s some indication that probably most of many of those are automated. If it’s not kind of exploding so you can say oh these are probably the people who have subscribed and their app is opened so that they can can refresh.

[00:40:21] So can of course have to filter out those two 0 six partial success return codes perhaps.

[00:40:31] So I look at the fact that I in no way trying to pad our number. You know just let say iTunes and what’s onestop so it’s probably a proxy but after after Tim’s super qualification.

[00:40:51] Yeah the metrics are terrible. We do. We work with what we’ve got. Episode 11. These are a few of our favorite insights. That was our top downloaded podcast of the year. Now it is worth noting that downloads kind of happen over time so some of the later ones in the year obviously haven’t gotten a chance to catch up yet so we may see a new challenger emerge from late in the year and there’s a couple of good contenders there anyway.

[00:41:19] Also I’m also our episode where we disappointed the most people because that was a hell of a subject line. But you know did we deliver. Yeah hard to say.

[00:41:28] Well you know maybe that’s where you know it is interesting because the show was trending up until then and then now maybe the takeaway is we just read more link.

[00:41:41] Exactly. Number Six will shock you.

[00:41:44] CMOs hate us the reason this podcast is awesome. Number four you’ll never believe if you have some awesome podcast titles episode titles for us. We would love to hear them on our Facebook page or on the measure slack. We’ve now got our act together so much so that the measure slack formed to get on there is actually pinned to our Facebook page. All you have to do is go to Facebook dot com slash analytics our and you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone which is probably not okay in most jurisdictions and obviously have a great new year for my cohosts Jim Kane and Tim Wilson key partners.

[00:42:33] Thanks for listening. And don’t forget to join the conversation. Thanks. We welcome your comments and questions. Facebook dot com slash. And on this next hour or at least acknowledged on Twitter. Know how it.

[00:42:52] Works. All right now we have to do is really get Jim to record like a little blurb and then plop it in there. Yes he says I’m going to sound like a douche and I was like well make sure we’re recording for that. I was I was there for that. No you didn’t smile you didn’t laugh there was no facial recognition registered at all. I was and I don’t like a. You should you. You own the grudge as a demystifies here. No no no no no. Come on. I was a drunk and I don’t like off. I can’t get drunk and I don’t like football. And they’re out of your mug. Oh that’s something respectable. It is some nettle tea dropping out of life up off some rookie mistake. I was drunk and I don’t like football. No from Jim just staring blankly at Gerakan delightful ball. State of it lay into wave. Of Confusion. Get the state of Atlanta. There you go. It’s a state of mind. Georgia On My Mind you get it whatever. It’s a great place. Come visit some time. I did this for I was drunk and I don’t like football. This was a shit show. Rock wagon podcast’s.


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