#51 (Rebroadcast): The 1-Person Digital Analytics Team

Many of our listeners have gotten to know the trio of Michael, Moe, and Tim as the forever co-hosts of this podcast. And, our hope is that that’s the case going forward! But, there was a time before Moe was part of the crew. We knew talent when we saw it, so we had her on the show as a guest way back in 2016. That show, it turns out, is just as relevant in 2021 as it was then!

For complete show notes including transcript and links to items mentioned in the show, see the original show page: #051: The 1-Person Digital Analytics Team

Have you ever seen a one-man show in the theater? It’s awesome. Unless it’s terrible. The same can be said for one-person digital analytics teams. It can be awesome, in that you get to, literally, do EVERY aspect of analytics. It can be terrible because, well, you’ve got to do EVERYTHING, and it’s easy for the fun stuff to get squeezed out of the day. On this episode, we head back Down Under for a chat with Moe Kiss, product (and digital) analyst at THE ICONIC. Whether you pronounce “data” as DAY-tuh or DAH-tuh, Moe’s perspective will almost certainly motivate you find new ways to push yourself and your organization forward.

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  1. Chris says:

    This episode seems to be incomplete, it cuts off in the middle of a conversation around 30 minutes in.

    Any chance you could upload the full version?

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