#84 (Rebroadcast): Bayesian Statistics and the Digital Analyst with Dr. Elea Feit

Every marketer is stuck making decisions under conditions of uncertainty. And statistics is largely about quantifying uncertainty. That’s why we were excited the first time we got to chat with Dr. Elea McDonnell Feit, and equally excited to rebroadcast that episode now! Elea is one of those special teaching professors who is obsessed with bridging the gap between the material she teaches and researches in academia and the real world of marketing!

For complete show notes including transcript and links to items mentioned in the show, see the original show page: #084: Bayesian Statistics and the Digital Analyst with Dr. Elea Feit

Do you model professionally? Would you like to? Or, are you uncertain. These are the topics of this episode: Bayesian statistician (among other official roles that are way less fun to say) Dr. Elea Feit joined the gang to discuss how we, as analysts, think about data put it to use. Things got pretty deep, included the exploration of questions such as, “If you run a test that includes a holdout group, is that an A/B test?” This episode ran a little long, but our confidence level is quite high that you will be totally fine with that.

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