#065 (Rebroadcast): Digital Analytics from a Psychological Perspective with Dr. Liraz Margalit

If your website has a 3% conversion rate, does that mean that 97% of the visits were a failure? On this episode of the show, which was initially broadcast way back in 2017, Dr. Liraz Margalit (at ClickTale when we recorded but now at topicx) pointed out that this would be a pretty short-sighted view of the data. By thinking about user behavior through the lens of psychology, we can actually ask and answer deeper questions about the experiences we’re providing and how they can be improved. It’s a delightful listen or re-listen regardless of your current mental state!

For complete show notes including transcript and links to items mentioned in the show, see the original show page: #065: Digital Analytics from a Psychological Perspective with Dr. Liraz Margalit

We can watch (sort of) what users do on our sites. That’s web analytics. We can ask them how they felt about the experience. That’s voice of the customer. But, can we (and should we?) actually analyze their emotional reactions? On this episode, Michael and Tim sat down with Dr. Liraz Margalit, Head of Digital Behavioral Research at Clicktale, to bend their brains a bit around that very topic. And, they left the discussion thinking differently about conversion rates, and even realizing that scroll tracking might just have a valuable application!

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