(Bonus) Marketing Analytics Summit is Nigh!

Long-time listeners to this show know that its origin and inspiration was the lobby bar of analytics conferences—the place where analysts casually gather to unwind after a day of slides interspersed with between-session conversations initiated awkwardly and then ended abruptly when the next session begins. Of the many conferences where this occurs, Marketing Analytics Summit (née, eMetrics) is the one in which this show is most deeply rooted. And, we’ll be recording an episode in front of a live audience with all of the North America-based co-hosts on Friday, June 7, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona at the next one! To call that out, including announcing a promo code for any listeners interested in joining us for the event, Michael, Val, and Tim turned on the mics for a bonus episode with a little reminiscing about past experiences at the conference, including Val’s mildly disturbing retention of dates and physical artifacts.

A video of the episode (to see Val’s physical artifacts!) is available on YouTube.

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