#70 (Rebroadcast): The Case for Customer Lifetime Value with Dr. Peter Fader

Customer-centricity: still an incredibly popular topic inside many organizations, and still regularly misinterpreted as the need to provide a delightful experience for all customers. Dr. Peter Fader’s book trying to correct that misguided understanding was first published in 2012 (an updated edition was published in 2020), and he came on the show in 2017 as part of his dedicated mission to educate! Less than a year after the show, he’d exited one startup and founded another—both heavily based on the material we discussed in this episode—while continuing to teach at Wharton.

For complete show notes including transcript and links to items mentioned in the show, see the original show page: #070: The Case for Customer Lifetime Value with Dr. Peter Fader

Is your organization customer-centric? Does your product team dive into the demographics of your customers to figure out what features will make them as happy as possible? If so, then you’re doing it all wrong! Perhaps. On this episode, the gang chats with Dr. Peter Fader (@faderp) from The Wharton School and Zodiac, about putting customer lifetime value (CLV) front and center when it comes to developing and executing marketing strategies.

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